There are four academic divisions within the Department of Educational Sciences.

Division of Measurement and Evaluation in Education: This division trains persons who are able to develop, administer and evaluate testing instruments for educational institutions. By so doing, graduates of this division, take active role in evaluation of student achievement as well as providing feedback for improvement and enrichment of educational programs. Persons holding graduate degrees in measurement and evaluation are hired by the Ministry of National Education as well as public and private institutions (i.e., banks).

Division of Curriculum and Instruction: Graduates of this division work as teachers in schools and Anatolian Teachers High Schools. They are hired by City National Educational Headquarters, some private schoolsí program development and measurement/evaluation centers and armed forces. The division also trains individuals as educational experts who are employed in public and private institutions educational departments.

Division of Guidance and Psychological Counseling: Offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Its graduates are employed by the Ministry of National Education as school counselors in state and private schools, private educational institutions and in research and guidance centers. They also find jobs in private institutionsí human resources departments, career counseling centers and counseling centers of higher educational institutions.

Division of Educational Administration: Graduates of this division are employed by the Ministry of National Education as elementary school supervisors, educational administrators, planners and economists. The division ended its admission to its undergraduate degree program in the academic year of 1998 and 1999. Instead, it began to offer a masterís degree in School Administration and Educational Supervision in addition to its existing graduate degree programs.